The Roman poet Virgil wrote “The greatest wealth is health.”

Being in good health allows us to live our best life. Most of us know what we should do to be healthy, but many of us struggle to make it happen. This is where a health coach can help.

The Missing Link: Why work with a Health Coach?

We have a crisis in the American healthcare system. Despite spending trillions of dollars on healthcare (yes, you read that right), rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are dramatically increasing. Many of these diseases are largely preventable through healthy lifestyle changes. However, we also know that people have difficulty making and sustaining health behavior change. The current health system is not equipped to help individuals address the complex factors that drive their health and lifestyle choices.

What is missing from our current healthcare system are professionals with expertise in health behavior change and the skills and time necessary to help individuals discover their own direction, motivation and support in reaching their goals. Enter the health coach…

Working with a health coach is increasingly recognized as an effective strategy for achieving health goals and improving overall well-being. An Integrative Health Coach uses a client-centered approach to empower individuals to achieve their highest level of health.

I have helped clients achieve success around weight loss, sleep habits, meditation, work-life balance and more. As I grow my practice, my “sweet spot” is helping clients who want to take a mindful approach to weight loss as well as those who wish to use mindfulness to create more peace in their lives.  I invite you to explore my website to learn more about what health coaching can do for YOU.

Together the possibilities are limitless.

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